Monday, May 25, 2009

Alpaca Farm!

The home school group I go to went on a field trip to an alpaca farm!

This is actually a llama, but he was the only one.

These are the alpacas. See the alpaca on the far right? This is what he looks like up close:

Ahhh! Look at his teeth! Quick lets look at fuzzy cuteness!

Awwww. Much better.

This is Micky, he's fuzzy and cute in his own way.

There were dogs there too:

They live with the llama. there was another dog in there, but it moved too much and I couldn't take his picture. After we looked at the llama, the alpacas, and the dogs we went inside and made bookmarks!



Now for some trivia! Alpacas have three stomachs, they don't have any teeth on their upper jaw, llamas have banana shaped ears and alpacas do not, alpacas' teeth grow all their lives and they have to be trimmed, and alpaca poop looks like this: